This document is an offer from ZERDEN TRADING LP 41 Duke Street (further “Company”) to make an Agreement according to the following terms.

1. Definitions

1.1 The following terms used in this Agreement will have the following meanings:

Partner – a person, who is 18 already, who has accepted an Offer, who attracts clients to Company and has revenue for it.

Offer acceptance – a complete acceptance of the offer according to its terms written in section 5 of the Offer. The acceptance of the Offer is an Agreement.

The partnership account – through it you will be able to enter your Affiliate program account using login/password. In the affiliate account you will be able to track statistics on your traders, to receive a variety of promotional materials, to attract customers, change personal information and ask for payouts.

Affiliate account – partner remuneration means the amount which will be paid to the partner according to the terms of the agreement.

Promotional materials are marketing materials (banners, landing pages, etc.), created by the Company and provided to the partner to attract clients.

Affiliate link is URL (address) which contains a unique affiliate ID, due to which the statistics of clients attraction is conducted.

Spam is sending information about our company to people who don’t want to receive such notifications.

New clients are clients who haven’t had an account in Betfaq Company service before and who have been attracted by the Partner on his Affiliate link.

Referrals are new Partners engaged by the Partner by his referral link and who don’t have a account in the Company service A minimal amount is the limit, which the partner must achieve to get the payout.

2. General Provisions

2.1. According to this Agreement the Partner registers his Affiliate account on, attracts new clients to Company service and partners to the Company service and gets the remuneration for attracted clients and partners according to section 4 of this Agreement.

2.2. Partners can be only 18-year-old people. If this term is violated the Company can cancel the account of the Partner without paying any remuneration.

2.3 This agreement is made between the Partner and the Company only if the Partner agrees with terms of the Offer Acceptance.

3. Duties of the parties

3.1. The Partner is not allowed to: use spam of any kind as customer acquisition; register trading accounts through the referral link; to publish and disseminate misleading information to attract clients; use any fraudulent schemes to profit in the affiliate program; copy ad use unique materials of other Partners with the aim of customer acquisition to the Company service.

3.2. The company has the right to block the account and the account of the partner used not for the intended purpose and violating this agreement without paying any partner remuneration.

4. The procedure of mutual settlements

4.1 The Partner’s remuneration is 50% of the value of each of the New client’s purchase attracted by the Partner on site and also 5% remuneration of referrals attracted by the Partner in service.

4.2. Minimum amount for payout is 1000 rubles.

4.3. Costs and commissions for the money transfer are paid by the Company.

4.4. All the statistics in your account is displayed in rubles (USD).

4.5. To get the remuneration the Partner asks for the payment via his Affiliate account on

4.6 Partners get payments, placing an order in the Partner’s account, payments are processing within 2-5 working days.

5. Offer’s accept and making the Agreement

5.1. The partner makes an Offer Accept registrating and making an account on website

6. Responsibility of the parties

6.1. The company doesn’t bear responsibility for damage brought to the Partner caused by using the Service.

6.2. The Company doesn’t bear responsibility for lost profits any other damages of the Partner while using or not using the Service (full or partial).

6.3. The company doesn’t bear responsibility in case of using login and password of the Partner’s account by the third person. The partner bears responsibility for safety of his password and login.

6.4. All claims and appeals should be sent to e-mail The company is obliged to consider the address within ten working days (after the Partner provides data, sufficient and necessary for consideration).

6.5 In all the other cases, which are not in the Agreement, the parties bear responsibility according to legislation of Great Britain.

7. Contract time and the change of Offer’s terms

7.1. Offer enters into force after it is published on the Internet in and functions until the Company withdraws it.

7.2. The Company has the right to make some changes in the Offer or withdraw it at any moment. If the Company makes some changes in the Offer, these changes enter into force after they are published on the Internet on the address written in 7.1 item.

8. Contract time and changes of the Agreement

8.1.The Offer’s accept by the Partner, made according to the part 5 of the Offer, makes the Agreement according to the Offer’s terms.

8.2 When the Company receives the request from the Partner to terminate the Affiliate Agreement, the Company is obliged to pay the rest of money from the Partner’s account within 5 days since the Agreement has been terminated.

8.3. The Agreement enters into force since the Partner accepts the Offer and remains in force: a) till terms of the Agreement are complied by the parties b) till the Agreement is terminated.

9. Agreement termination

9.1. The Agreement can be terminated.

9.1.1. By agreement of the parties at ay time.

9.1.2.By one of the parties initiative if another party violates the terms of the Agreement with the written notice of another party.

9.1.3. By another reasons, which are possible according to the Offer.

10. Guarantees

10.1. Making an agreement with terms and taking into account the terms of the Offer by the Offer Accept, the Partner guarantees that:
а) has read the terms of the Offer

б) understands the issue of the Offer and the Agreement

в) understands the reason and the effects of his actions in making the Agreement and its execution.

11. Other terms

11.1. The Agreement, its making and its execution are regulated according to the legislation of Great Britain.

11.2.. One party can send any notices of the Agreement to another party by e-mail.

11.3. If one or more provision of the Offer is invalid, it doesn’t affect any other provision of the Offer (the Agreement), which are in force.

12. The Company’s address

ZERDEN TRADING LP 41 Duke Street, Edinburgh