In the section “Statistics” you can see the main information about your traffic from your sources: the number of views, hosts, registrations, the whole number of purchases and the first purchases, and also you commissions. You can filter the statistics according to time options (day, week, and month) and the main metrics, such as aim, link (link or banner), company and subaccount.

Your affiliate link is made by adding “?a=” parameter and your PARTNER ID at the end of the link (the example of an affiliate link to the home page : ID). You will see your PARTNER ID in the upper left part of the page under your login:

So you can make your affiliate link for any page of the site. In the section "Promo" you can see 2 already prepared affiliate links to our landing-pages with the biggest conversion - we recommend you to send your traffic to these ones.

You can also use any subaccounts by “ac” (company) and “sa” (subaccount) parameters.

Your link with subaccounts can look like this one: ID&ac=test1&sa=sub1 (where "test1" и "sub1" – are names of your subaccounts as they will be shown in the statistics):

The statistics is shown in real time.

You will find promotional materials (banners, prerolls) in the section “Promo”.